How do you move forward when your life feels stuck?

Other people don’t understand. Friends. Family. Partners. Peers. Everyone sees you as someone with your life all put together. Yet, there’s something holding you back. A fear that you’ll feel like this forever.

You don’t have to stay this way! It’s time to break free from these thoughts and feelings. Put the past behind you, break the cycle, and realize your full potential.

At We Rise Mental Health Counseling Services, we can help you with …

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Phobias
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • OCD
  • Couples Therapy
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Relationship Issues
  • Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Life Transitions

You were not born this way.

We all enter the world as a blank slate when it comes to our thoughts and patterns. Then, life happens. Parents and partners. Experiences and events. Traumas and triumphs. Over time, these begin to shape your perceptions, beliefs, feelings, needs, and actions.

Fast forward to today and you are suffering. It may feel like it has always been this way and there’s no end in sight. Sleepless nights. Failed relationships. Stalled careers. Self-loathing. Sound familiar?

It can be difficult to imagine a world outside of our old, stale patterns.

However, it is completely possible to “feel better.” To wake up in the morning excited for the day ahead. To have a skip in your step and feel confident about your relationships, career, decisions, and life.


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All that truly matters is what you do right now.

How much of your life is spent reliving the past? Replaying conversations and taking back words that can’t be unsaid. Wishing you had made a different choice. Imagining a reality where things went your way.

It is time to wake up from your fantasy. Relationships. Work. Health. Feelings. Life. All of these exist in the present moment … which is also where change happens.

When you dedicate yourself to a new reality, it is possible to move past your patterns and consciously create the life you dream of.

Your life is not defined by your struggles.

Ever catch yourself thinking, “I’m not good enough” or “this is so unfair” or “why can’t I just be like other people?” Often, these thoughts are surrounded by a spiral of sadness, anger, disappointment, and shame.

So many therapists hear this and quickly slap a label on what ails you. Depression. Anxiety. Phobias. PTSD. Low self-esteem. These are all just words taken from a very thick textbook.

At We Rise, we strive to help you get to the true root of whatever is holding you back. Only then can you truly break free of whatever’s keeping you stuck.

A therapist is like
a good friend: but
with better advice.

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Get results faster

Using a fast-track approach, we treat anxiety, phobias, trauma, perinatal mood disorders, relationship issues, and low self-esteem in half the time that traditional therapy can take. We incorporate aspects of EMDR, EFT, and subconscious reprogramming to help your mind create new and healthy associations In as little as 3-6 sessions.

All sessions are offered virtually, so you get the same level of support from the comfort of your couch, instead of ours.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, feel free to schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation with me to learn more about how you can finally start experiencing the freedom you deserve!