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How do you move forward when your life feels stuck?

It can be easy to get lost in your own mind. Stuck in an endless loop of negative thoughts and unpleasant feelings. Over time, you begin to wonder if a different life is even possible. How can you “feel better” when you don’t even remember what feeling better looks like?

We all have a unique set of circumstances that led us to where we are today. Online therapy in NYC helps you uncover your mental health origin story. By diving deep into why you feel this way, you can leave the past behind and consciously decide how to write the next chapter of your life.

At We Rise, our New York counseling specialties include:

Depression Counseling

Living with depression can feel like walking through mud. Even the simplest of tasks may seem difficult. Getting out of bed. Moving your body. Eating. Working. Motivating. Smiling.

Depression is a vicious circle. It slows you down mentally and physically. As a result, you feel worse. This leads you to do less, which actually increases the weight of depression.

As dark and heavy as life may seem, depression is NOT a state you’re stuck in forever.

Things can and do get better. The first step is to make sure your body and mind are being taken care of. Thoughts can make us sick … and, they also can help us feel better. Through New York counseling and therapy, you will learn practical exercises, tools, and methods for turning the light back on in your life.

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Anxiety Counseling

Like an unwanted houseguest, anxiety shows up in your mind and refuses to leave. It makes your brain gets stuck in a repetitive loop of “what if?” Fear and worry can paralyze you to the point where overwhelm kicks in and you completely shut down. Sound familiar?

In its purest form, anxiety is a powerful and natural motivator. It activates our primal flight or fright response and keeps us safe. However, when anxiety runs unchecked, it can consume our mind and body – making us feel awful both inside and out.

What would it be like to give your racing mind a rest?

Life without anxiety is relaxing. When your brain doesn’t have to sort through constant feelings of fear, worry, stress, shame, guilt, or embarrassment, it has space for other thoughts. This clarity helps propel you in all areas of your life … especially your relationships and career.

In therapy sessions, we use a mix of EMDR, EFT, and other techniques to help you overcome anxiety. Together, we will identify the source of your anxiety and develop a plan to stop those intrusive thoughts before they take over your mind. 

Therapy for Phobias

Phobias come in all shapes and sizes. Elevators. Doctors. Dentists. Closed spaces. Open spaces. Public speaking. Planes. Trains. Automobiles. Blood. The list goes on. Fundamentally, you understand your fear is irrational. Yet, no amount of data or statistics can convince your brain to believe otherwise.

Instead, your heart beats against your chest like a caged animal trying to break free. Your mind screams at you to run away and never come back. It feels like death is just around the corner if you go through with it.

Your natural human instinct tells you to simply avoid the phobia. However, that just makes it stronger.

A phobia is a learned response. It is a story your brain created to keep you safe. Fortunately, anything that has been learned can be unlearned.

Imagine coming face to face with your phobia and trusting that everything will be OK. That’s where therapy comes in. Together, we will slowly build up your courage and confidence. Using a mix of EMDR, EFT, and talk therapy, you will learn to overcome your fears and replace your paralyzing thoughts with positive ones. Learn more about our New York counseling services today. 

A counselor is like
a guide helping you find your way home.

Trauma Therapy

You are safe … even if it does not feel that way. Your traumas exist in the past … even if it feels like they control your present. Terror. Nightmares. Flashbacks. Guilt. Shame. It’s easy to get stuck and lose the ability to differentiate between then and now.

When a trauma occurs, our mind does its best to make sense of it. “This happened. Am I safe? Will it happen again?” Often, your brain sends a signal to your body to tense up. This response is supposed to be temporary. But, what happens when the tension stays with you for weeks … or months … or years?

The key to recovering from trauma is retraining your brain to believe that you are safe in the now.

Flashbacks and nightmares are your mind’s way of sorting through the trauma. Your subconscious wants to come to terms with what happened. Your body wants to be free of the heavy weight it holds. Therapy can help you get unstuck

Our Trauma Fast-Track program uses a mix of EMDR, EFT, Subconscious Reprogramming, and Somatic Therapy to help you learn how to overcome your trauma. We will focus on your body first and discover where your trauma is stored. Then, at a pace that feels right to you, we will unpack the trauma itself.

Low Self-Esteem Counseling

Everyone makes it sound so easy. “Just love yourself,” they say. But how? There’s a critic living inside your head and it keeps shouting at you. How can you possibly change your thoughts and beliefs when everything good feels like a lie?

Low self-esteem trickles down to so many parts of your life. Do you ever:

  • Have trouble accepting compliments?
  • Need to achieve perfection to not feel like a failure?
  • Quickly dismiss your positive qualities?
  • Struggle with setting boundaries?
  • Constantly criticize yourself?
  • Criticize others in an attempt to take the spotlight off yourself?
  • Wonder how others live such great lives while you are always struggling?

Self-compassion is the key to improving your self-esteem. A Manhattan therapist can help you learn how to acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, accept your imperfections, and soothe yourself with comfort and kindness.

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